• Capacity Building of Police Officers in Accident Investigation Techniques

    To enhance the capabilities of police officers involved in road accident investigations, JPRI has initiated a hands-on training program on crash investigation and reporting. JPRI has already trained over 300+ police officers from Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

    JPRI C.R.A.S.H. Days (Crash Reconstruction and Analysis using Software and Hardware)

    JPRI C.R.A.S.H. Days is a pioneering 2-day event aimed at promoting crash investigations and reconstructions in India. The event involves a live crash test conducted under controlled conditions, followed by crash investigations and reconstructions of the crash by the participants. The objective is to increase the awareness and confidence of participants in accident reconstruction techniques by comparing the results of the accident reconstruction with the crash test data to determine the accuracy of the reconstruction.

    IRCOBI ASIA 2018 Conference, 25-27 April 2018

    JPRI hosted India’s first-ever IRCOBI conference on April 25-27 in Lonavala. IRCOBI stands for the International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury, a near-50-year-old organisation focused on reducing road crashes and preventing injuries in Europe.

    PC-Crash Accident Reconstruction and Simulation

    JPRI is an authorized training partner of DSD, Austria for their PC-Crash Accident Reconstruction and Simulation Software. JPRI has conducted various training programs for individuals and organizations seeking to enhance their skills in this software.

    On-site crash investigations, reconstructions and injury analysis

    JPRI has conducted on-site and web-based training programs that focus on the methods and techniques of scientific road traffic crash investigations involving scene examination, vehicle examination, injury analysis, crash data collection, crash reconstruction and reporting. Tailor-made training programs have been offered to automotive organizations and EHS departments of various organizations.

    Road Safety Awareness Programs

    Keeping in mind that education and awareness is a key to a well-informed and progressive society, JPRI has organized road safety awareness programs for an audience ranging from school children, corporates, police, medical service professionals and residents of housing societies.
  • Zero Fatality Corridor – Mumbai Pune Expressway

    This project, initiated by SaveLIFE Foundation through a MoU with Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) and Mahindra, is aimed at reducing road crash fatalities on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.Using RASSI data on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, JPRI has provided crash data analysis and technical support to SaveLIFE Foundation in the following areas: Road Safety Surveys, Crash Data Analysis for pro-active safety measures, monitoring and evaluation of safety measures implemented, and providing data support for effective decision-making in meetings.

    Black Spot Treatment and Road Engineering Improvements.

    JPRI provides recommendations to various government organizations, including Traffic Police, on low-cost road safety engineering measures, in line with IRC codes, to help improve road user behaviour, reduce crashes and mitigate injuries.

    iRAP base line data collection

    JPRI has provided research support to International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) through our services in baseline data collection involving data on vehicle travel speeds, traffic volume counts and crash data for the development of star rating models for Indian roads and highways.

    Industrial Premises Traffic Safety

    The objective is to identify traffic hazards, unsafe practices and bottle necks, with a focus on goods-carrying vehicles. JPRI has provided solutions to industries for helping streamline traffic flow with an emphasis on safety and productivity. Data-driven methods used include site-visits, GPS tracking, speeds and traffic flow study, route mapping, and evaluation of driver facilities.

    Commercial/Residential Establishment Traffic Safety

    JPRI has been contracted as a traffic consultant for a multi-use development with an objective to ensure safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians alike, with a clear understanding of directions and no significant hazard to them or other road users. Our services helped to identify potential conflicts/hazards and pro-actively plan corrective design changes well in advance. Such analysis is most effective during architectural design and layout finalization.
  • Urban accident study – An analysis of fatal crashes involving Chennai MTC bus

    Fatal crashes involving Chennai MTC buses were analysed and was found that 89% of the victims were either pedestrians or passengers falling off the foot board. Most run overs were by the rear tyres of the bus. The study recommended usage of automatic doors and highlighted the importance of in-depth data collection for further detailed studies.  

    Driver Assistance Technologies Systems Research & Compilation

    An online research project in preparing a database of about 5,000 vehicle models, including various trims, in the US with DAT systems available.

    Safety Systems Study and Analysis

    Extraction and compilation of safety systems related data of passenger cars involved in crashes, and analysis of the data to provide an insight into safety systems usage in India. 

    Passive Safety Effectiveness Studies

    Evaluation of effectiveness of various passive safety tests, including crash tests for determination of effectiveness based on real-world crash data.
  • Forensic Crash Investigations

    On-site crash investigations, reconstructions and injury analysis for determination of crash sequences, vehicle speeds, occupant/pedestrian locations, vehicle and highway engineering defects, with an evidence-based scientific approach that can withstand legal scrutiny. Services have been offered to insurance companies, lawyers, individuals and organizations in India and abroad.

    Road Accident Sampling System – India (RASSI)

    This is a pioneering research project aimed at developing an in-depth scientific crash database for India based on on-site crash investigations and analysis to determine the contributing human, vehicle and infrastructure factors related to a crash in a detailed and queriable format to help in data-driven decision making. For more details, check

    OEM-specific research studies

    To help OEMs understand real-world experience of their vehicles involved in crashes and to pro-actively address technical issues, JPRI has conducted OEM-specific crash examinations across the country.

    Highway safety baseline data

    Highway safety requires good baseline crash data to determine the effectiveness of safety measures and interventions. JPRI provides on-site crash investigation and data analysis services to help highway authorities and agencies make highways safer through a data-driven approach.