To be a world-renowned traffic safety research and training center, that will focus on conducting traffic safety research, capacity building and disseminating competent and scientifically analyzed data to help individuals and organizations make everyone’s journeys safer.


To conduct traffic safety research activities with an unbiased, scientific, evidence-based and data-driven approach that will provide high quality data, insights and cost-effective solutions to enable our customers achieve a quantifiable return-on-investment in terms of lives saved and injuries mitigated.


JP Research India is a wholly owned subsidiary of JP Research, Inc., a leading statistical, engineering research, and data analysis firm specializing in automotive safety and headquartered in California, USA. JP Research India is a research company dedicated to road and automotive safety for India. Our parent company in the USA, JP Research, Inc., is a leading statistical, engineering research, and data analysis firm specializing in automotive safety. Both JP Research India and JP Research, Inc.-USA focus on field data collection, analysis, and engineering services.Established in 2006, JP Research India has worked to initiate awareness of road safety issues among government bodies, auto manufacturers, and other agencies, organizations, and entities having a stake in the shaping of safer, modern Indian roads. The company has accomplished this through accident investigation and data collection activities, by bringing diverse industries together through our annual road safety seminars, and by disseminating knowledge and encouraging public participation in groundbreaking research programs presented in our quarterly newsletters.

Establishment of JP Research India Pvt. Ltd.

In 2006, India crossed the 100,000 road accident fatalities mark, and to address one of the key problems of lack of in-depth crash data, Mrs. Jeya Padmanaban, President and Founder – JP Research, Inc., established JP Research India Pvt. Ltd. Since 2006, Mrs. Jeya Padmanaban conducted automotive safety workshops trying to initiate crash investigations and in-depth crash data collection activities with government agencies and manufacturers.

Crash investigations – The journey begins

After many attempts for initiating crash investigations with government agencies and OEMs went in vain, Mrs. Jeya Padmanaban decided to initiate crash investigations on her own. In 2008, she obtained the co-operation of Tamil Nadu Police to initiate JPRI’s first on-site crash investigation pilot project on a national highway near Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The pilot project was successful and resulted in a good understanding of human, vehicle and infrastructure issues on a newly developed 4-lane national highway. The encouraging results led to the next pilot project in Coimbatore Rural District which was conducted successfully for 2 years.

Establishment of Head Office in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

In 2010, JPRI decided to establish the India headquarters in Coimbatore to conduct on-site crash investigations continuously. Today, JPRI is headquartered in Coimbatore and has branches across India conducting pioneering crash investigation and in-depth crash data collection in Indian highways, towns and cities. Our progress is cataloged by our numerous research papers published in national and international conferences. The on-site crash investigation and in-depth crash data collection activities are conducted under a sustainable public private partnership model with the local governments by a consortium of automotive manufacturers and suppliers – called the RASSI Consortium.

Our journey continues… towards safer Indian roads

JPRI is also actively conducting forensic crash investigations, road safety engineering, data analytics and capacity building.  All these activities are aimed towards adoption of scientific practices, evidence based and data-driven decision making in India. JPRI provides technical assistance to many organizations, NGOs and government agencies and delivers services and cost-effective solutions for improving safety. JPRI also disseminates research data and insights through conferences, meetings, and media to help people understand the ground situation better.

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