Crash Investigations

As pioneers in scientific crash investigations in India and having established a successful working model of in-depth accident database on par with other international databases, the JPRI Crash Investigations Division is well positioned and equipped in delivering the following services.

  • In-depth Crash Investigations
  • Forensic Crash Investigations
  • Special Crash Investigations

In-depth Crash Investigation for India

JPRI has developed and successfully established an indigenous in-depth accident database with data collected scientifically by well-trained crash investigators. The database, Road Accident Sampling System-India (RASSI), is a repository of accident data of over 3,750 accidents investigated across India over a period of 7 years.

The Road Accident Sampling System – India is a pioneering Indian initiative aimed at collecting in-depth scientific road accident data, through on-site crash investigations, that will enable the government, industry and other road safety stakeholders to plan and execute data-driven road safety strategies for safer Indian roads.

Please visit to learn more about RASSI and its activities, members and achievements.

Forensic Crash Investigations

Be it a quick consultation to understand an accident or full-fledged investigations to reconstruct and understand injury causation, we deliver easily understandable and evidence based explanations of the sequence of events leading up to any road traffic accidents.

Special Crash Investigations

The intent of such crash investigations is to examine unique real-world crashes anywhere in India and perform a detailed examination in a timely manner that can be used by the safety community to understand, evaluate and improve the performance of existing safety systems. Past cases have triggered interest from individual companies and the industry as a whole to improve the safety performance of motor vehicles and highway safety engineering.