Data Collection

A crash involves the participation of 3 factors – human, vehicle and a specific environment (infrastructure). An accurate understanding of the crash occurrence demands identifying the failures in each of these three factors over 3 time phases – Pre Crash, Crash and Post Crash. JPRI’s in-depth crash data collection methodology covers detailed vehicle inspection, crash scene inspection and witness/victim interviews for identification of evidence across all the three factors and phases, documented in the form of photographs, measurements and data forms.

Crash Scene inspection

Inspection involves identifying any traces left on the road as a result of the crash, understanding the available road geometry, road furniture, markings and signage, and finally, measuring and mapping the complete crash scene to create a to-scale scene diagram.

Vehicle inspection

Inspection covers mapping and measuring the external damages on the vehicle, inspection of interiors to document safety system availability / usage, measure the integrity of the passenger compartment and occupant contacts resulting in injuries.

Victim/Witness interviews

Interviews focus on questions targeted at extracting the pre-crash situations, sequence of events and any relevant information related to the crash. Witness/victim statements are subjective and data from such interviews are always validated against the evidences from vehicle and crash scene inspection.