Road Safety Engineering

Road Safety Engineering

Safety of the road users is to be considered fundamental right from design stage of road construction. Once built, existing roads require periodic assessments and upgrades to upkeep the safety record. JPRI’s approaches the safety assessments backed by a profound understanding of the influence of underlying three factors of road ecosystem: Human, Vehicle and Infrastructure. The team includes qualified Transport Engineers and Planners advised by international experts.

Road Safety Audit is a formal procedure for identifying potential safety related conflicts for a new road development or an existing road, reported by an independent, qualified team. The RSA projects help identify the safety issues and thereby providing cost-effective countermeasures to solve the identified safety problem and further implemented by the designer or the client. Following are the objectives of Road Safety Audit:

  • • Mitigating the likelihood of crashes;
  • • Ensuring that, if a crash occurs, the likelihood of the injury is minimized;
  • • Ensuring that safety related design criteria have been met;
  • • Enhance consideration for the safety of all categories of road users

From defining a blackspot based on crash data and developing cost effective counter measures conforming to the corresponding local standards to fix safety concerns, our blackspot identification strategy draws on our experience in accident research and trained engineers on transport planning and engineering.

We offer a comprehensive study of junctions for improving the layout, installation of road furniture and signal faces for a smoother and safer traffic flow. The findings and recommendations take into consideration the local conditions of the intersection with respect to traffic and pedestrian volume, social activities, informal markets and other parameters.

From the design of layout to capacity checks, blind-spot counter measures and treating potential conflict zones, our services can help make your parking lot safer for all users and informative.

Be it confined parking spaces or open highways, Manoeuvrability of vehicles is an important factor in the safety of traffic movement. We offer analysis of swept path of any vehicle type and provide a 3D rendering for easy understanding.

Planning of new infrastructure often attracts more traffic. Knowing the impact of this increased traffic helps authorities and other involved stake holders to plan accordingly for the increased flow, to reduce travel times and enhance safety of users despite the traffic. Traffic safety assessments focusses on the safety conflicts at such new developments and aims to reduce or eliminate the risk right from design stage. This is particularly important for establishments involving high motor traffic such as public parking spaces, hotel premises, shopping complexes, apartments and mixed use developments. We are experienced in identifying such conflicts for quick and cost effective resolutions. Our expertise includes all infrastructure facilities such as mixed use developments, paper processing plants, hotels and any such built-up developments.

Traffic signal plans play a significant role in safety and transport planning. With experience in working on dedicated software we offer signal optimisation, traffic signal coordination and in developing new signal plans for decreased waiting and queue build-up conforming to the local standards.