Mr Bhuvanesh Bharath Alwar

Project Manager, Road Safety Engineering, JPRI

Mr. Bhuvanesh is a certified Road Safety Auditor, certification recognised by VicRoads, Australia with a distinction in MSc (Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK. He specializes in Road Safety Engineering, Crash Investigation and reconstructions. He is also well acquainted with AIS injury scaling and occupant kinematics for injury correlation and has been trained by certified experts on AIS injury scaling.

As a Road Safety Engineer for JP Research, Mr. Bhuvanesh has managed projects involving reducing fatalities on high speed expressways to proactive design stage safety audit of luxury commercial multi-use developments. Mr. Bhuvanesh is also a guest trainer at premier training institutes and academy like Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE), National Police Academy (SVP NPA, Hyderabad) and Asian Institute of Transport Development (AiTD). With a master’s degree in Transport Engineering and a continual 7 years’ experience in crash investigation, Mr. Bhuvanesh has an advantage of both crash consequences and road engineering.