Data Analytics

What gets measured, gets managed. Aimed at assisting manufacturers, local authorities and any stake holders of road safety in making informed decisions, the Data Analytics division of JPRI focuses on addressing specific research questions with the availability of over 4,000 in-depth accidents collected across India and any relevant data set.

Automotive safety advisory

Equipped with data on nearly 4,000 accidents across India, we are data-wealthy and well experienced in helping the government agencies and automotive manufacturers and equipment manufacturers with insightful information on addressing questions like, “Is my product useful for the market?”, “Will this technology help in addressing the intended problem?”, “What are the top-ranking problems in road safety to be addressed?”

Data collection methods

The results of analyzing a dataset is only as good and robust as the method and quality of the data collected. We assist anybody interested in collecting road safety data with an aim of making our journeys safer.