Mr Murtuza Shabbir Painter

Project Manager-RASSI Division, JPRI

Mr. Murtuza S. Painter is an automotive engineer with over 5 years of experience in road traffic crash investigations, specializing in Crash reconstructions & Injury research. Trained by international experts on subjects like Traffic safety,Traffic calming, urban transport planning, Highway Safety audit, Injury Biomechanics, vehicle crash worthiness & vehicle safety, he has an experience of investigating over 600 crashes

Mr. Murtuza is the Project manager for Road Accident Sampling System – India (RASSI), a consortium of automotive enterprises supporting a revolutionary initiative of creating a real-world in-depth road traffic accident database for India. Currently, he is responsible for the management and sustenance of the RASSI project in India. Besides, he has delivered training in crash investigations and analysis to RTO & Traffic police officials at various locations.

He has been an active participant in courses and sessions on road traffic safety nationally and internationally. At college, Mr. Murtuza was involved in designing, manufacturing & assembly of the braking system of a Formula student Germany, Formula student Austria in 2011.